Burfam Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit For Universal Size Windows


  • Brand new design to fit almost all window types.
  • Completely transparent so not unsightly like alternative solutions.
  • DIY but simple and quick to install , just scissors,pen, tape measure and stanley knife needed.
  • Compatible with oval and square exhaust pipe funnels .
  • Can be used for more than one window if additional tape or template purchased

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Window Kit

All portable air conditioners need a window, or exit point, this allows the unit to exhaust the hot air from the room. Your purchase comes with a standard window vent kit and an exhaust hose, specifically designed for sliding window types. All you need to do is put the exhaust hose and window slider in place and then the unit is ready to provide cool room temperatures. We have universal window vent kits in our product range, should you need one for outward opening window types.

Technical Specification

This is a unique newly designed window vent kit for all air conditioners on the marketplace. It is not the cloth based type as seen sold by numerous suppliers and does not have the problems associated with that design. This kit can be fitted to most widows up to 1250mm x 1050 mm and all sizes below. It consists of a completely transparent sheet which can be cut with scissors and velcroed to the frame whether the window opens inwards or outwards . It can be a small top opener or a large side opener. Any type of office window that tilts or slides or lifts can be fitted with this sheet. The sheet is then fitted with an adhesive transparent plate that receives the pipe adaptor whether oval or square. This is a DIY sizing exercise that gives a good looking effect that can hardly be recognised as vent system. We manufacturer this product in the UK and can help with bespoke designs should they be required beyond this kits capabilities.

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