Burfam Air Conditioner 9,000 BTU


Weight: 23.5 kg
Dimensions: 350 x 348 x 701 mm
Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: 240 AC 50 HZ

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This air conditioner has a large 9000BTU cooling output. This is the most suitably sized air conditioner you can use in the home or office. It is capable of cooling a room with a floor area of up to 30m square, such as a big double bedroom or lounge or large kitchen diner. Anything smaller than this output would produce a less than satisfactory cooling experience in the home. The air conditioner uses environmentally friendly gases and is classed as A+++ in energy rating. The power consumption is only 1000w which costs around 25p per hour usage. The machine also has a powerful dehumidifier function which is capable of removing over 20 litres per day in the winter. So it’s an all year round product to help improve air quality for your comfort. The heat that it extracts from the air is exhausted into the atmosphere from the vent pipe. This needs to be placed through a window using the vent kit which allows you to trap the pipe outside with the window pulled closed. It’s designed for slider windows but can be used in most types of openers. A new design vent kit is available at Burfam Products for those difficult windows if you need further assistance. The product is sold from a UK company so you will have the best response and support possible together with a 2-year support package included.

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