Burfam Air Conditioner 9,000 BTU WiFi Control.


Weight: 23.5 kg
Dimensions: 350 x 348 x 701 mm
Power: 1000 watts
Voltage: 240 AC 50 HZ

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Remote Controller

The remote controller enables you to easily change the temperature and the other various functions. This enables you to change the modes with ease; set the timer, turn the sleep function on, or simply adjust the fan modes.

Reduced Noise Levels

Low noise levels offering 65dB at the highest setting. Due to how air conditioners work, the higher the setting, the louder the machine will be. This air conditioner is quiet enough for you to enjoy desired room temperatures even when you are sleeping.

Sleep mode

The sleep mode function enables you to set a time, in which the air conditioner will operate. This provides you with cool air whilst you are sleeping, or relaxing. You simply let the air conditioner do the work whilst you enjoy uninterrupted rest.

Window Kit

All portable air conditioners need a window, or exit point, this allows the unit to exhaust the hot air from the room. Your purchase comes with a standard window vent kit and an exhaust hose, specifically designed for sliding window types. All you need to do is put the exhaust hose and window slider in place and then the unit is ready to provide cool room temperatures. We have universal window vent kits in our product range, should you need one for outward opening window types.

A In Energy Rating

The air conditioner utilises environmentally friendly gases and is classed as A in energy rating. The power consumption is only 100w, which is only 25p per hour of usage, providing you with a cost effective solution for the undesirable hot days.

The Burfam Air Conditioner 9,000 BTU WiFi Control is the most suitably sized air conditioner you can use in the home or office. It is capable of cooling a room with a floor area of up to 30m square, such as a big double bedroom or lounge or large kitchen diner. Anything smaller than this output would produce a less than satisfactory cooling experience in the home. The air conditioner uses environmentally friendly gases and is classed as A+++ in energy rating. The power consumption is only 1000w which costs around 25p per hour usage. The machine also has a powerful dehumidifier function which is capable of removing over 20 litres per day in the winter. So it’s an all year round product to help improve air quality for your comfort. The heat that it extracts from the air is exhausted into the atmosphere from the vent pipe. This needs to be placed through a window using the vent kit which allows you to trap the pipe outside with the window pulled closed. It’s designed for slider windows but can be used in most types of openers. A new design vent kit is available at Burfam Products for those difficult windows if you need further assistance.

The Air Conditioner has an easy-to-use WiFi function, so you can simply connect your smartphone to the AC unit and control the temperature, timer and various functions through the app. You can turn your AC on and off from any remote location, whether from inside your home, or wherever you may be. This gives you full control of your homes temperature and allows you to adjust the coolness of the airflow throughout the day, setting the power and timer as you see fit. You can pre-cool your home, so when you get home from work your room is at your desired setting.

The product is sold from a UK company so you will have the best response and support possible together with a 2-year support package included.

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